Year 8 Tuition

Ark Year 8 Tuition offers Maths, English and Science subjects. Children have the opportunity to register for one subject, two subject or all three subjects. Our Programme is timetabled as such that giving the flexibility for selecting the subjects. Year 8 at ARK lays a solid foundation for the GCSE and A Level for children at a gradual but relaxed paced so that at the crucial stages of their education milestones children are confident and ready for the challenges. Those who improve their core subjects at Year 8 have a higher probability to be selected for the higher set at year 10 compared to those who do not.

Year 8 Tuition

Year 8 Timetable

Thursday Saturday Sunday
5.00pm-7.00pm 1.30pm-3.30pm 10.00am-12.00pm

Year 8 Maths Tuition

Topics covered in Ark Year 8 Maths Tuition includes but not limited to,



Ratio proportion and rates of change

Geometry and measures



Year 8 English Tuition

KS3 creative Task: Mini project about surviving on an island after being shipwrecked. Activity to be completed each day and then a literacy task to complete a diary thinking about life on the island.Download

Year 8 Science Tuition

The programme taught in year 8 is a consolidation from Year 7. It is intended to strengthen their scientific understanding upon the biological, chemical and physical sections of science. Year 8 is one of the most important year in preparation for the new specification GCSE that covers advance topics in challenging the mindset of students. We are dedicated to ensuring that students can approach questions that adapts similar format of the new specification GCSE.


  • Breathing
  • Respiration
  • Evolution


  • Periodic table
  • Chemical energy
  • Climate


  • Gravity
  • Current
  • Energy transfer
  • Light
  • Electromagnets
  • Wave effects

Research projects for students

How swimming in cold water affects the body, and how a wetsuit helps Download

How do cleaning products work? Download

Future travel Download