Year 7 Tuition

Ark Year 7 Tuition offers Maths, English and Science subjects. Children have the opportunity to register for one subject, two subject or all three subjects. Our Programme is timetabled as such that giving the flexibility for selecting the subjects. Year 7 at ARK lays a good foundation for the GCSE for children at a gradual but relaxed paced so that at the crucial stages of their education milestones children are confident and ready for the challenges.

We provide help - Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT)

These assessments consist of NFER Cognitive Ability Tests (testing verbal reasoning, Mathematical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning). The purpose of the assessments are; firstly help teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses., secondly help the school to monitor student progress in relation to student’s ability.

Age range: 6-17 + Years Test duration: 45 minutes per part. 2 hrs 15 mins in total

Test format: Digital/ Paper

There are a number of different reports can be made from the test;

Standard CAT Reports

Sub test Reports

Cognitive Strengths and Weaknesses Profile

Key Stage 3 Indicators

GCSE Indicators

AS and A level Indicator

Year 7 Tuition

Year 7 Timetable

Wednesday Saturday Sunday
5.00pm-7.00pm 1.30pm-3.30pm 10.00am-12.00pm

Year 7 Maths Tuition

Ark Year 7 Maths Tuition aims to teach children;

Place value, addition and subtraction

  • Place value (including decimals)
  • Add and subtract (including decimals)
  • Estimation
  • Perimeter
  • Word problems Place value, multiplication and division
  • Factors, HCF, multiples, LCM
  • Multiply and divide (including decimals)
  • Area of rectangle and triangle
  • Calculate the mean

    Geometry: 2D shape in a 3D world

  • Draw, measure and name acute and obtuse angles
  • Find unknown angles (straight lines, at a point, vertically opposite)
  • Properties of triangles and quadrilaterals Fractions
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Compare and order fractions and decimals
  • Change mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa
  • Fraction of a quantity
  • Multiply and divide fractions

  • Year 7 English Tuition

    Students focus on their reading skills whilst studying our english programme. To develop students further, many will read extracts from Shelley’s original. There will be a focus on: Reading, Grammar. Students will explore the Shakespeare’s play considering the themes, characterisation and setting of the text. During this programme students will be studying Literature through the Ages by studying Greek Myths, the works of Chaucer, Dickens and Shakespeare as well as modern texts such as Collins’ Hunger Games and a variety of nonfiction texts. We will be reading a range of short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and identify the themes and ideas throughout his stories. Students will be working on language skills and showing understanding through writing. Students will also be reading classical poems from Shakespeare, Blake, Behn, Plath et al.

    Year 7 Science Tuition

    In ARK Tuition, we aim to cover the fundamental knowledge about science that students need to know for their GCSEs. Students will explore the biological, chemical and physical aspects of science that revolves around them every day. Science is a challenging subject that promotes students to do research and analysis within existing studies as well as questions that still cannot be answered. Learning science will unravel the theories approached by scientists, allowing our young students to come to a judgement and strive their curiosity further.

    We aim to make our students to fall in love in science, where we would make it fascinating and practical for them.
    Subject areas that we aim to cover:


    • Cells
    • Movement
    • Interdependence
    • Variation
    • Plant reproduction
    • Human reproduction


    • Metals and non-metals
    • Earth structure
    • Acid and alkalis
    • Separating mixtures


    • Speed
    • Voltage and resistance
    • Energy costs
    • Sound
    • Particle model