ARK Year 2 and Year 3 Programmes

Our Programmes for Year 2 extends from the Year 1 Programme and continues to run two hours per week. The Year 2 programme is more focused on Year 2 SATS and the Year 3 Programme sets the foundation for 11 Plus.

Please contact us for more information on class timings and space availability for Year 2 children.

Year 2 and Year 3 Tuition


Come and count with us.... We make Maths fun and engaging and there are number of programmes to get children involved in Mathematical activities through out the year.


Our children are encouraged to read a book everyday and discuss what they have during the week in the lessons. Parents can collect the recommended reading list from our centre. We believe in strong comprehension skill is a key to child’s success.

Spatial Awareness

Our children improve their spatial awareness at Year 2 onwards and this builds good foundation for their 11 Plus exams. Parents can discuss how they can help their child improve spatial awareness skills at a meeting with our Academic Directors or at the parents' evenings.

Year 2 Science

Living Things and their habitats

  • - Alive, Dead or Never Lived?
  • - Habitats
  • - Food Chains
  • - Micro-habits
  • - The Seashore
  • - Design a Habitat


  • - A Plant Adventure
  • - From Acorn to Oak
  • - What seeds need?
  • - Your vegetable patch

Animals / Humans

  • - Life cycles
  • - Basic needs
  • - A balanced diet
  • - Healthy living
  • - The doctor and the vet

Use of everyday Materials

  • - Which material should I use?
  • - Changing materials
  • - Recycling