GCSE Tuition in Ilford | Maths, English, Science Group Classes

GCSE is reforming. As per government initiatives GCSE qualifications are gradually being reformed to more demanding content where assessment is mainly by exam. Other types of assessment are used only where there is a need to test essential skills. The new 9 to 1 grading system allows greater differentiation between students. The new GCSE is designed for two years of study and will no longer be divided into different modules and students are to take all their exams in one period at the end of their course.

At Ark, we are committed to delivering the guidance the students need to be able to achieve higher grades. We closely follow the government initiatives in education and rigorously study the new specifications as and when they are made available by the examination boards so that we can help our students better. We support and work with parents to be able to help the students achieve their full potential.

Ark GCSE Tuition has three key subjects, Mathematics, English and Science in which students have the ability to join small group classes. For all other subjects students can join for Private Tuition or request special group classes subject to availability.

Students have the opportunity to join Ark GCSE Maths Tuition at various stages. There are entry points at Year 10 starting in September and at Year 11 starting in September. For revision entry points are available at Spring Half Term and Easter Break. It is beneficial for the students to join at these entry points however enrolment is available throughout the year.

We also provides tuition for AQA Computer Sceince in GCSE. This qualification is linear. we cover Computational thinking, problem solving, code tracing and applied computing as well as theoretical knowledge of computer science from subject content 1–7.

GCSE is changing, what you need to know...Get the facts

 Ark Tuition centre currently uses four exam boards at GCSE: AQA; Edexcel (Pearson); OCR; and WJEC (Eduqas). The links in the document take you to the page with links to exemplar/specimen papers and mark schemes and information of value for the GCSEs relevant in 2016 -18. Click here to download.

GCSE Maths Tuition

Our aim is to encourage students to develop confidence in, and a positive attitude towards mathematics. Our programme provides a strong foundation for those who aim to study mathematics at a higher level post GCSE.

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GCSE English Tuition

The Programme mainly focuses on the Fiction and Imaginative Writing and the Non-fiction and Transactional Writing with further emphasis on the students’ ability of the spoken language.

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GCSE Science Tuition

Ark Science Programmes carefully follow the National Curriculum and we have group classes for those who wish to take Combined Science. For students who prefers to take a single science subject, special group classes and/or Private Tuition is available subject to availability.

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New GCSE Grading System

The new GCSE Grading System

Watch below video from Ofqual to understand the new GCSE Grading System in detail.